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Health and Safety at Incarnation Episcopal Church

Sunset Music and Arts will return to full audience capacity for live performances starting on September 17, 2021, in accordance with the health and safety guidelines from the City and County of San Francisco and the Episcopal Diocese of California. All concerts will be held at Incarnation Episcopal Church located at 1750 29th Avenue, San Francisco. The health and safety of our patrons, artists, and volunteers is our top priority and this page will be updated with any changes based on applicable health directives.

Masks and Proof of Vaccination Required

In accordance with health and safety guidelines from the City and County of San Francisco, a face covering is required for all concerts at Incarnation Episcopal church and must be worn at all times. Face masks must completely cover nose and mouth and have ear loops or similar to hold in place. Gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable.

In addition, proof of vaccination is required to attend the concert. Please bring a paper or digital copy of your vaccination status. These measures will ensure a safe environment for all in attendance.

We are also taking additional steps, including increased cleaning before performances and a no-touch or low-touch concert experience.

Self-Assessment before you arrive:

Please self-assess your health before leaving home by considering the following questions:  

  1. Within the past 10 days, have you been diagnosed with, or tested positive for, COVID-19?
  2. In the past 10-14 days, have you had close contact with anyone who has COVID-19, during their contagious period?
  3. In the last 24 hours, including today, have you had any of the symptoms below, that is new or not explained by another condition?
  4. A cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?
  5. A fever of 100.4°F/38°C or higher?
  6. Chills, fatigue, or muscle and body aches?
  7. Headache or a sore throat?
  8. A persistent runny nose?
  9. Diarrhea?
  10. A sudden loss of taste or smell?

By entering the building, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and answered “no” to all these questions. Please review them, and if you answer yes to any, you will be asked to return for another concert or offered a refund for paid tickets. 

Mask and Tickets

  1. Don’t forget your mask. 
  2. Remember to bring a copy of your vaccination status. Children under 12 are exempted from the vaccination requirement.
  3. Don’t forget your tickets. Before leaving home, make sure you have your print-at-home ticket or e-ticket available on your mobile device. You can buy tickets at the door. Please bring cash (exact change is appreciated) or a completed check. May the check payable to “Episcopal Church of the Incarnation.”

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