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Churches have been a mainstay of music for millennia, and in the Bay Area there is evidence of that all around, with some truly impressive concert schedules among them. One of the leading organizations – just across Golden Gate Park from my own Richmond District “musical neighborhood” – is a champion in the Sunset District, Incarnation Episcopal Church. On 29th Avenue, between Moraga and Noriega, the church’s Sunset Music & Arts program runs a plethora of concerts, including instrumental and vocal series, chamber music and ensemble, choral music, and opera.

  • December, 2016:  ‘Two Fascinating Series will Begin on the Same Day Next Month‘ by Stephen Smoliar

    Several years ago during the month of December, I wrote about the idea of a concert subscription being a seasonal “gift that keeps on giving.” It turns out that several concert series will be getting under way next month. … January 21 will also mark the beginning of the Instrumental Series in the 2017 season of Sunset Music | Arts. This is only that institution’s third season; but it has grown to accommodate five separate concert series, the first of these being the Instrumental Series.

  • December 2016:  ‘The Sunset Music | Arts 2017 Chamber/Ensemble Series‘ by Stephen Smoliar

    Exactly one week after Sunset Music | Arts launches the Instrumental Series for its 2017 season (whose specifics were reported yesterday), the Chamber/Ensemble Series will get under way. This is the longest of the five series planned for 2017, and it will consist of six concerts.



  • September 2015: ‘Soprano Paula Wilder-Gaubert will give next month’s Sunset Music | Arts recital,’ by Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner Classical Music reporter
  • July 2015: ‘Sunset Music | Arts celebrates its first anniversary with a gala concert,’ by Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner Classical Music reporter
  • March 2015: ‘March will end with two string quartets at opposite sides of the city,’ by Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner Classical Music reporter
  • February 2015: In Supervisor Katy Tang’s (San Francisco District 4 Supervisor) February 2015 Newsletter, Ms. Tang refers to Sunset Music | Arts as “a cultural gem right here in the Sunset District.”  February Newsletter (Chinese version)

Sunset Music | Arts is a cultural gem right here in the Sunset District. Launched in 2014, Sunset Music | Arts provides high-quality, affordable music and arts programs to residents of all ages in the Sunset District. Thanks to the generosity of Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Sunset Music | Arts is able to make these wonderful concerts and programs available to our community in a beautiful and acoustically-pleasing space.


  • 12/24/14 “Sunset Music | Arts announces its 2015 Winter/Spring Season” by Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner Classical Music reporter
  • 08/14/14 “The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation announces a new concert series” by Stephen Smoliar, SF Examiner Classical Music reporter
  • 10/2014 “Sunset Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Gala”, article by James King, in the October 2014 issue of the Sunset Beacon.

On Saturday, Sept. 20, the Church of the Incarnation welcomed members of the congregation, opera enthusiasts and neighbors to its centennial celebration. The singers Elisabeth Rom Lucio, Sally Porter Munro, Norman De Vol, and Frederick Matthews accompanied by pianist Bryan Baker, performed a medley of 13 famous opera songs and show-tunes for the crowd. … The venue, a medium-sized church on 29th Avenue between Noriega and Moraga streets, was packed for the event. The acoustics were excellent and the performers did not disappoint.

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