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Sunset Music & Arts Season

2021 Season

Updated: January 1, 2021

Dear friends and patrons of Sunset Music and Arts,

Happy New Year! We are diligently working on our 2021 season and will be announcing the season details soon. We have some amazing and talented musicians lined up for the 2021 season and are hoping to open back up by the spring or summer of 2021 (depending on guidelines from the San Francisco Department of Health.)  The safety of you the audience and our artists is of paramount importance and we want to open up as safely as possible.

In the interim we have launched the ‘Incarnation Radio Hour’ that feature literature, plays, and poetry readings via online virtual gatherings. These events are free and open to all. 

Please consider supporting us financially to support the series and our 2021 season. No amount is too small! You can donate online via PayPal (visit for details) or by check.

Please make the check made payable to “The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation” and write ‘Sunset Music and Arts’ on the memo line of your check.

Please mail your check to:
Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
1750 29th Avenue
San Francisco CA 94122

Thank you for your consideration and supporting us! We look forward to welcoming you in 2021 when it is safe to do so.

Sunset Music and Arts – Incarnation Episcopal Church

Incarnation Radio Hour

The Redhill Sisterhood  by Catherine Louisa Pirkis

Victorian sleuth Loveday Brooke, investigates some nuns who seem to be forsaking their vows for burglary.

Date & Time: Wednesday January 13, 4 p.m. PST
Free admission. Donations gratefully accepted. Click here for details.
Click here to register for Zoom call

In 1893, Catherine Louisa Pirkis (1841-1910) wrote a series of short stories featuring a character who has been dubbed ‘the female Sherlock Holmes’, the lady detective Loveday Brooke. Miss Brooke is in her thirties and began detecting as the result of an event by which she was “thrown upon the world penniless and all but friendless”. With no way to earn a living she chose this particular line of work, which had the effect of cutting her off from her friends and original position in society.

In ‘The Redhill Sisterhood,’ Victorian sleuth Loveday Brooke, investigates an order of nuns who seem to be forsaking their vows for burglary. Sister Monica has rented a house in fever-haunted Paved Court in Redhill, probably not the best location for the Sisterbood’s home for crippled orphans. The Sisters take children begging around local villages each day and strange to relate, burglaries seem to follow in their tracks. Are the nuns guilty of this crime?


Community Music | Arts Events

We are also excited about launching our, Sunset Community Music | Arts  initiative, where you can enjoy mostly free (occasionally, donations or a small fee may be requested) concerts and programs,  produced and performed by members of the local community. If you are interested in performing as part of this program, please contact us at 415.564.2324 or e-mail us at

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