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What the World Needs Now … is Love!

Date & Time: Saturday July 28, 4 pm
Venue: 1750 29th Avenue, San Francisco
Tickets: Free Admission

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What the world needs now

Sing Out Strong! is a group of talented singers who love to share their joy of singing. Coming from all walks of life and from varied San Francisco neighborhoods, the singers share a belief that making music together is not only wonderful fun but helps maintain good health as well.

The ensemble’s program on Saturday July 28, 2018, is themed: “What the World Needs Love.” It features popular love songs bridging the 20th century — tunes which will evoke priceless memories, laughter, and maybe even a few tears.

The 16-member ensemble was founded in 2017 by its director Ellaine Jerome, a UC graduate in music, and accompanist Betty Fujimoto, a classically trained and treasured San Francisco pianist. Ensemble members also showcase their talents on guitar and banjo for selected songs.


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