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pickPocket Ensemble

Date & Time: Saturday June 9, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Venue: 1750 29th Avenue, San Francisco
Tickets: $20 General, $15 Seniors/Students

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The pickpocket ensemble’s program consists of original instrumental songs, inspired by folk and cafe music from around the world, from Parisian Bal Musette to Klezmer and Eastern European music to North African music and beyond.  From all these inspirations we’ve created an intimate and evocative music all its own.  We will perform 2 sets of pieces, some of which may sound familiar, all of which will be new to audiences who haven’t yet heard us.  Titles and song information will be announced from the stage.

About pickPocket Ensemble

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“Inspired by many world musical traditions, the pickPocket ensemble inhabit a country all their own.  Original and fresh, the pickPocket ensemble create a contemporary chamber café music that moves both body and soul.

“To listen to the pickPocket ensemble is to embark on a journey.  Speak to audience members after a performance:  one will have been to Bogota, one to Prague, one to Paris. Yet for all its wide-ranging inspirations, the pickPocket ensemble’s music remains intensely personal and immediately engaging, an invitation to listen in on an intimate conversation.”

About the Artists

Rick Corrigan – (accordion, piano, composition) has been an electronic music composer and film composer, with several scores for experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage to his credit, and has produced live film and sound performances with filmmaker Paul Lundahl at San Francisco’s Exploratorium and SF’s Cinematheque.

Marguerite-Marie Ostro – (violin) Marguerite received her Bachelor degree in music and French at the University of California at Berkeley.   She has over 15 years of music performance, music recording, and teaching experience. She enjoys nurturing the gift of music through music education.   Marguerite currently performs and records with the contemporary chamber music group the pickPocket ensemble.

Yates Brown – Yates’ guitar, banjo, bass, and sitar playing appear on over 30 recordings, including 7 solo albums, with live performances including Spoleto Festival USA.  He performs regularly with the traditional Arabic orchestra ASWAT and has toured with progressive rock group Ventid. Currently, he composes for and performs with the new chamber ensemble Doralice.

John Slattery – (percussion), a Chicago native, John has worked in wide-ranging musical settings for over 25 years, appearing on records and tours with pop, hard rock /metal, jazz / fusion and blues groups. Notable performances include those with Cyclone Temple and Tools of Ignorance. He is thrilled to bring his diverse experience to the pickPocket ensemble.

Colin Williams – (double bass) grew up listening to his mother sing jazz standards as she rocked him to sleep. Colin teaches music at the Bay School of San Francisco in addition to playing with Dirty Cello. You can still see him many evenings lugging his bass home on the cable cars, humming Gershwin under his breath.

Matthew Souther – (trumpet) Matthew  has toured with indie folk group Il Gato.  He studied at Bennington College, where he composed a mini opera, song cycles and miscellaneous chamber music, and played in the brass quartet.


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