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Inside Voices

Inside Voices features theme and variations on the great intimate works of classical music, as performed and improvised by composer/pianist Leon Rosen.

Saturday May 7, 2016 at 5  p.m.

Venue: 1750 29th Avenue, San Francisco, CA
Discount Tickets online: $15 General / $12 Seniors & Students
Buy tickets online here.
At door: $20 General, $15 Seniors/Students
Tickets  available at the door on the day, if the show is not sold out.


Set One
Beatles                                                Cry Baby Cry
Ritchie Havens                                    Follow
Leon Rosen                                         Nicole #2
Thematic Improvisational Medley I

  1. Scriabin Prelude in D major Op 11 no 5
  2. Rachmaninoff Prelude in D Major Op 23 no 4

Thematic Improvisational Medley II

  1. Vincent Persichetti                              Little Piano Book Op 60 no 3 “Dialogue”
  2. Vincent Persichetti                              Little Piano Book Op 60 no 4 “Masque”

Brian Cason                                        Sonora Rain
F. Chopin                                            Waltz in C Sharp Major Op 64 no 2
Agathe Backer Grøndahl                    Op 45 no 1 “Song of Youth”
Tom Waits                                           Innocent When You Dream
Cindy Lauper                                      All Through The Night

Set Two
Leon Rosen                                         We Will Stop To Roar
Leon Rosen                                         Grieving Friend of a Superman
Leon Rosen                                         Let Me Cool
Leon Rosen                                         Of Course
J.S. Bach                                             Prelude in G Minor BWV 861
Leon Rosen                                         Song of Joy
A. Scriabin                                          Prelude in E Flat Minor Op 16 no 4
Scott Joplin                                         Solace
Leon Rosen                                         25¢  Song
F. Chopin                                            Waltz in Ab Major “Goodbye L’Adieu” Op 69 no 1

About the program

In this concert I hope to tell a lesser known story featuring some of the great classical composers in their more spare, essential settings, pieces that rarely get played because they lack a certain flash. A musical tale of something lovely and inwards. I assembled a collection of preludes, mazurkas, waltzes and other weird little songs. As I began to rehearse I could feel moments where I might stretch out here, and open up the field a bit there. Soon enough it became clear that this night would be an improvisation on the themes, in the spirit of these moments, late at night when a Scriabin or a Bach would carve out an oddly beautiful moment.

I want to reverse engineer this moment and introduce the audience to a space of the composer at the time of their creation. I’ve prepared a series of harmonic and rhythmic maps of these pieces and look forward to indulging in them with the audience at Incarnation. The second half of the night I look forward to presenting some of my own songs, for voice and piano.

“Inside Voices” comes from the phrase a schoolteacher might tell her class. “Use inside voices, kids!”

About Leon Rosen

Pianist Leon Rosen was mentored by legendary jazz artists Herbie Lewis and Sonny Simmons and attended The New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program/Mannes College of Music. He was involved with the peace movement in Jerusalem for several years, before returning to the Bay Area to work on recording. You can catch the Leon Rosen Band performing classically influenced Indie Rock. His first single, “Grieving Friend of a Superman” will be released in the summer of 2016.


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